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“Dynasty Warriors Next comes with new touch-based diversions, but they don’t prevent this entry from being the same old button masher.”Read the rest @ GameSpot

“The Vita version of Dungeon Hunter: Alliance is a fine Diablo clone, but a lack of ambition and a high price hold it back on the platform.”Read the rest @ GameSpot

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Sony stunned a lot of people when, at their E3 media briefing on Monday, they announced that the wi-fi-only model of their new portable system – now officially named the PlayStation Vita – would retail for $250 USD. This price is a big deal for two reasons: One, it’s far lower than most analyst predictions (I personally predicted a price of around $400. Some were even higher) and two, it brings the system in line with Nintendo’s 3DS.


When the 3DS launched, it had a strong start. But sales quickly dipped and the hardware currently isn’t meeting Nintendo’s expectations. That’s not to say the system is failing by any means, but it’s obviously not what Nintendo wanted. Sony, who did respectfully with their first foray into portable gaming with the PlayStation Portable, probably sees this as a golden opportunity to jump in.

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Like Microsoft’s conference, I jotted down my thoughts as Sony’s event was happening. These are those thoughts.

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Sony may have some interesting surprises in terms of gameannouncements at their E3 press conference, but most of its upcoming PS3 titles are likely a known quantity. Expect a demo of Uncharted 3, some Twisted Metal, maybe Resistance 3, maybe Final Fantasy Versus XIII, a little talk about the Move and probably some montages of other games (both exclusive and multi-platform) headed to the system. But what’s going to have most people talking is probably new hardware.

So let’s talk about the NGP. Or as some are calling it, the Vita.

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