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I was invited by Disney Interactive and Junction Point Studios to head out to Austin (which isn’t terribly far from my Dallas home) to get one of the first ever looks at Disney Epic Mickey 2, coming to the Wii, 360 and PS3. I also had the opportunity to meet gaming legend Warren Spector, which was kind of amazing.

Disney Interactive’s Austin studio announces ‘Disney Epic Mickey 2.’ It’s a musical, and we played it.

Warren Spector doesn’t think video games have ever offered a real “moral choice”

Review – Okabu (PS3)

October 21, 2011 — Leave a comment

“Okabu is a colorful and fun puzzle adventure, though it suffers from a few technical issues.”

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“You should know that we here at GamesRadar are hella street … um … dawg? We played a lot of Jet Set Radio. We watched Exit Through the Gift Shop. But the truth is you don’t need any reverence for hip-hop or graffiti to realize that Sideway: New York is a great 2D platformer that does some fun things with 3D space; it just happens to sport a unique street aesthetic that helps make it stand out.”

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If you don’t go into Eufloria expecting a deep or complex RTS, you will have a good time with it, provided you can look past some spikes in difficulty.

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Like Microsoft’s conference, I jotted down my thoughts as Sony’s event was happening. These are those thoughts.

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I was fortunate enough to have the great folks at GamesRadar ask me to write their Front Mission Evolved review. So I did. This is it: Right here.