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Dallas, TX isn’t typically the “place to be” when it comes to covering the video game industry (despite the number of high-quality studios here), so I was extremely excited to be given the chance to cover a local Gearbox/SEGA event for

I got to play the multiplayer, see some of the single-player and interview some interesting people. The result was four stories on the site that I’m pretty proud of (though I had some help from the quality editors over there).

Gearbox: Aliens Colonial Marines was announced before development started

Gearbox boss says impressive Wii U ‘a really nice bridge’ to the next generation

The acid-blood devil is in the details for Aliens: Colonial Marines

Aliens: Colonial Marines multiplayer, or ‘How Gearbox played as Xenomorphs and dissected its guests’

Review – Shank 2

February 12, 2012 — 1 Comment

I was pretty excited to make my debut as a contributor to Joystiq (a site I’ve admired for awhile now) with this review of Shank 2. Hopefully it’s the first of many!

Shank 2 review