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“Dynasty Warriors Next comes with new touch-based diversions, but they don’t prevent this entry from being the same old button masher.”Read the rest @ GameSpot

“The Vita version of Dungeon Hunter: Alliance is a fine Diablo clone, but a lack of ambition and a high price hold it back on the platform.”Read the rest @ GameSpot

“Flush the Goldfish’s fun premise is washed away by its fishy execution.” – Read the rest at GameSpot.

Review – Pushmo

January 8, 2012 — 1 Comment

“Simple gameplay and a great level creator help make Pushmo a stellar puzzle game for your pocket.” – Read the rest at GameSpot.


“Clever comic-book trappings aren’t enough to save Kung-Fu High Impact from frustrating motion controls and boring action.” – Read the review at GameSpot.