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Review – Pushmo

January 8, 2012 — 1 Comment

“Simple gameplay and a great level creator help make Pushmo a stellar puzzle game for your pocket.” – Read the rest at GameSpot.


This is really more of a story than a review, but it’s got review-like qualities in it, and it talks about Nintendo’s online systems, so…

The other night I finally got around to transferring my Nintendo DSi purchases to my Nintendo 3DS – a new feature in the latest 3DS system update. I didn’t have many games (the DSiWare store wasn’t filled to the brim with quality, and it was really hard to navigate and find the gems in there), so I figured it would be a relatively painless process. The whole thing even started with Pikmin running across my 3DS screen to grab the DSi software and transfer it, so that was a nice, charming touch that made me feel pleased with how things were going.

Until disaster (almost) struck.

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Dead or Alive: Dimensions is Dead or Alive, but in 3D and on a portable.


I could probably stop there, and many of you would already know whether or not you’re interested in purchasing this game. But I’ll continue for those who are just vaguely curious.


The game looks really great, both in 3D and 2D, which is a good thing. I played quite a bit of DoA 3 on the original Xbox, and this looks and plays at least as good as that (unless you’re horribly offended by the 3DS’s Circle Pad. But Dead or Alive has never really been the kind of game to demand an arcade stick, from what I can tell). The action is fast and fluid. The characters are many and varied. There’s even online play, which is always welcome.

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Sony stunned a lot of people when, at their E3 media briefing on Monday, they announced that the wi-fi-only model of their new portable system – now officially named the PlayStation Vita – would retail for $250 USD. This price is a big deal for two reasons: One, it’s far lower than most analyst predictions (I personally predicted a price of around $400. Some were even higher) and two, it brings the system in line with Nintendo’s 3DS.


When the 3DS launched, it had a strong start. But sales quickly dipped and the hardware currently isn’t meeting Nintendo’s expectations. That’s not to say the system is failing by any means, but it’s obviously not what Nintendo wanted. Sony, who did respectfully with their first foray into portable gaming with the PlayStation Portable, probably sees this as a golden opportunity to jump in.

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Originally published in The Daily Toreador.

With all of the ports and fairly half-assed games available for the launch of the Nintendo 3DS, it would be easy to overlook this “Ghost Recon” title as more of the same sub-par stuff. But if you do, you’ll miss out on one of the best games available for the new handheld. Continue Reading…

My first Nintendo 3DS review is for Super Monkey Ball 3D, and it was published in The Daily Toreador.

The “Super Monkey Ball” games have sort of become staples of Nintendo hardware launches lately; first on the GameCube, then the Wii and now the 3DS.

The primary gameplay mode in the “Monkey Ball” series is a fun rendition of those old “ball in a maze” games you might have played with as a kid, where you have to tilt the maze in different directions in order to get the ball bearing to the goal.

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As I type, it’s 1:00am Central Time, and Nintendo is hosting a conference in Japan. The main topic of discussion: The 3DS.

Most of us were impressed with the device’s showing at E3, but now I’m even more excited for the handheld. Some bulletpoint announcements:

– February 26, 2011 launch for Japan, March 2011 for North America and Europe.

– Launching for 25,000 yen, which is around $300 USD, but no US price has been announced (I wouldn’t be surprised if it was closer to $250).

– 3DS Virtual Console, FINALLY bringing us Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance games in a downloadable format.

– Tag Mode, a popular feature of many DS games, is now purely hardware based. What this means is that you do NOT have to have a game in sleep mode in order to exchange data with other users. Simple have your DS on – asleep or awake, it sounds like – and you can collect data from a variety of games and a variety of users. HUGE improvement over the old system.

– This tag mode can be used to exchange leaderboard info, download ghost data, etc.

– You can create Miis for use on the 3DS, and it sounds like you can take pictures with the system’s camera and have it auto-generate a Mii for you.

– Nintendo is experimenting with providing 3D TV on the device, at least in Japan.

– This is old news, but a ton of big hitting companies are behind the device, such as Square Enix, Konami, Capcom, Level-5, Kojima Productions, and more.

– Resident Evil The Mercenaries 3D was announced. Apparently different than “Revelations,” which was announced at E3.

– Launch colors (in Japan at least) are Aqua Blue and Cosmos Black.

– Tetsuya Nomura (Square-Enix, of the Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy fame) re-iterates that they want to release a number of 3DS titles, starting with Kingdom Hearts.

– Kotaku stumbled on a random (but really large) list of upcoming 3DS games online. To quote them, these games are: Samurai Warriors Chronicle, Resident Evil Revelations, Super Street Fighter IV, Dynasty Warriors Musou, Ninja Gaiden, Dead or Alive, Kingdom Hearts 3D, Chocobo Racing 3D, Super Black Bass 3D, Super Monkey Ball, Sonic, Licca-chan 3DS, Animal Crossing, Kid Icarus: Uprising, StarFox 64 3D, Steel Diver, nintendogs + cats, Mario Kart, Pilot Wings Resort, Paper Mario, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Marble Mania, Deca Sporta, Bomberman, Gundam, Super Robot, Dragonball, Pac-Man & Galaga, Ridge Racer, Harvest Moon, Professor Layton and the Mask of the Miracle, Crash-City GP, VS-robo, Class of Heroes 3D x 3D, Combat of Giants Dinosaur 3D, Ghost Recon Tactics, Splinter Cell 3D, and Driver 3D.

– Somehow lost in the shuffle: Capcom is making Mega Man Legends 3 for the 3DS. This is pretty huge news for a lot of people.

So… What do you guys think?

The price may be a tad bit high, and I’m bummed that I have to wait until March, but this thing seems AWESOME. I’m particularly excited about the Virtual Console announcement (fans have been clamoring for that for awhile), and this new tag mode actually sounds extremely fun and useful, unlike its inclusion in some of my favorite DS games.

So yeah, I’m extremely excited. I can’t wait to get my hands on one of these.