Bad Philosophy

  • Episode 066: 6 Years and it’s Over – I made a guest appearance on the esteemed Bad Philosophy podcast to talk about the series finale of LOST, of which I was a massive fan. We talked religious undertones and Narnia while I fiercely defended the show and its writing.
  • Episode 095: Con Artists – My glorious return to Bad Philosophy had us talking about QuakeCon 2011 (which I covered for The Dallas Morning News) and ComicCon 2011. We got sidetracked a nice long talk about where the video game industry could be headed with the rise of mobile and casual games. I personally raved about Dishonored.
  • Episode 110: Good Enough – I reprise my role as “video game guy” to talk about morality in video games – primarily Star Wars: The Old Republic and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.
  • Episode 141: Sloppy Sci-Fi – Another episode where I was invited to talk about games and gaming things. Namely, QuakeCon 2013, Gone Home, Bioshock Infinite and the state of the industry as a whole.

Seeing Red – The 2011 Daily Toreador opinions podcast

Level Up – The Daily Toreador gaming podcast


TAB hosts retro gaming party – The Daily Toreador


The Newsroom: In our copious amount of free time, many of the Daily Toreador editors (myself included) tried our hands at a no-budget mockumentary. This first episode was more or less all about yours truly and the section I produced, which was kind of awesome. You probably can’t even tell that we didn’t have a real script. Surely my awkward pauses don’t give it away.

The Newsroom – Episode 1

The Newsroom – Episode 2