Feature — Families who game together, stay together (Joystiq)

August 28, 2013 — 1 Comment


“My dad enjoys hunting, fishing and fighting fires. I enjoy reading, philosophy and not exerting myself too much. But while we might not have a ton in common, we do play a lot of games together. Military shooters, mostly, as he gets easily bored by many of the slower moving, story heavy games I tend to play alone. I was never going to follow in his footsteps at the fire department, and he was never going to read Kant with me. So instead, we’ve bonded on virtual battlefields. — Read the rest at Joystiq

Britton Peele


Freelance video game critic for sites like GameSpot and GamesRadar. Amateur fantasy author.

One response to Feature — Families who game together, stay together (Joystiq)

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