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“As a game, The Banner Saga is much more than its mechanics. Yes, the turn-based strategy gameplay is well-made and worth the price of admission, but much of the experience is anchored in its writing, its art and its music.

That music was composed by an increasingly well-known name in video game soundtracks, Austin Wintory (who was nominated for a Grammy for his work on the incredible game Journey – the first video game to receive that honor). But its DNA can be found here in Dallas, with the Dallas Wind Symphony.” — Read the rest at The Dallas Morning News.


“My dad enjoys hunting, fishing and fighting fires. I enjoy reading, philosophy and not exerting myself too much. But while we might not have a ton in common, we do play a lot of games together. Military shooters, mostly, as he gets easily bored by many of the slower moving, story heavy games I tend to play alone. I was never going to follow in his footsteps at the fire department, and he was never going to read Kant with me. So instead, we’ve bonded on virtual battlefields. — Read the rest at Joystiq


Rogue Legacy is an immensely rewarding action game that strikes a terrific balance between permadeath and progress.Read the rest at GameSpot.

Review — Rogue Legacy


I didn’t expect to like the Ouya at all. As it stands, I like it a little. It’s far from overtaking my other systems (especially the PC), but it’s got some promise, and I’d like to see more great indie content on it. With a little extra work it can be an OK media box, and if you’re willing to bend/break the law to emulate other systems, the device is perfectly capable. – Read the rest at The Dallas Morning News

Ouya review: The cheap little Android console that could be (but isn’t yet) a great indie game box


An engaging combination of board game mechanics and pure storytelling, 7 Grand Steps is an addictive telling of one family’s journey through history. — Read the rest at GameSpot.

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“Unique visuals and clever puzzle design help the philosophical puzzle game The Swapper feel fresh throughout its relatively short life span.” — Read the rest at GameSpot

Review — The Swapper


Terraria is just as magical and content-rich on consoles as it is on the PC, although the controls aren’t ideal for every situation. — Read the rest at GameSpot

Review — Terraria (360/PS3)



When nongamers hear the term “competitive gaming,” they may not know exactly what to expect.

Playing video games is stereotypically seen as a solo activity, performed quietly in a dark room. At best, someone not familiar with video games’ competitive nature might imagine something akin to the World Series of Poker, where the action is slow but the stakes are high.

What most nongamers may not realize is that professional gaming has become a world not unlike that of many other sports you may follow. There are teams, sponsors, live commentators, huge spectator events and a lot of money on the line, not to mention a lot of energy in the room. Perhaps the biggest competitive gaming name in North America right now, Major League Gaming (MLG), has been to Dallas many times before. It’s back this weekend with $170,000 in prizes spread across three huge games: Call of Duty: Black Ops II, League of Legends and StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm (released just days before the tournament begins).

— Read the rest at The Dallas Morning News


Spending time with Asura should make you glad, not mad. — Read the rest at GamesRadar

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Physics-based puzzle games can be a little hit-or-miss – sometimes literally. While the element of unpredictability can be addictive in games about knocking down structures with furious birds, it can also lead the way to frustrating trial and error when the physics refuse to cooperate. The Splatters on Xbox Live Arcade hits more than it misses, but it has a few issues that keep it from splashing onto the walls of the physics puzzle hall of fame. — Read the rest at Joystiq

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