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Physics-based puzzle games can be a little hit-or-miss – sometimes literally. While the element of unpredictability can be addictive in games about knocking down structures with furious birds, it can also lead the way to frustrating trial and error when the physics refuse to cooperate. The Splatters on Xbox Live Arcade hits more than it misses, but it has a few issues that keep it from splashing onto the walls of the physics puzzle hall of fame. — Read the rest at Joystiq

Review — The Splatters

Dallas, TX isn’t typically the “place to be” when it comes to covering the video game industry (despite the number of high-quality studios here), so I was extremely excited to be given the chance to cover a local Gearbox/SEGA event for

I got to play the multiplayer, see some of the single-player and interview some interesting people. The result was four stories on the site that I’m pretty proud of (though I had some help from the quality editors over there).

Gearbox: Aliens Colonial Marines was announced before development started

Gearbox boss says impressive Wii U ‘a really nice bridge’ to the next generation

The acid-blood devil is in the details for Aliens: Colonial Marines

Aliens: Colonial Marines multiplayer, or ‘How Gearbox played as Xenomorphs and dissected its guests’

I was invited by Disney Interactive and Junction Point Studios to head out to Austin (which isn’t terribly far from my Dallas home) to get one of the first ever looks at Disney Epic Mickey 2, coming to the Wii, 360 and PS3. I also had the opportunity to meet gaming legend Warren Spector, which was kind of amazing.

Disney Interactive’s Austin studio announces ‘Disney Epic Mickey 2.’ It’s a musical, and we played it.

Warren Spector doesn’t think video games have ever offered a real “moral choice”

“Dynasty Warriors Next comes with new touch-based diversions, but they don’t prevent this entry from being the same old button masher.”Read the rest @ GameSpot

“The Vita version of Dungeon Hunter: Alliance is a fine Diablo clone, but a lack of ambition and a high price hold it back on the platform.”Read the rest @ GameSpot

Review – Shank 2

February 12, 2012 — 1 Comment

I was pretty excited to make my debut as a contributor to Joystiq (a site I’ve admired for awhile now) with this review of Shank 2. Hopefully it’s the first of many!

Shank 2 review

I really enjoyed doing this feature for GamesRadar on some of the more rare retro games that I would love to see ported to modern hardware (either via a Virtual Console port or something similar). The research was fun, partly because I learned a few things along the way and partly because I got to look back at some old favorites from my gaming past.

I wish I could say I owned all of the games on the list, but alas, I only own a few.

10 hard-to-find classics that deserve a second chance at GamesRadar

“Flush the Goldfish’s fun premise is washed away by its fishy execution.” – Read the rest at GameSpot.

Somehow I forgot to post this here immediately after it happened. I was very excited to be given the opportunity to cover the debut performance of The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses here in Dallas, performed by the Dallas Symphony Orchestra. It was a sold-out show with some great fans and great music, and I had a great seat. Very cool experience.

My full review is on the Dallas Morning News Pop Culture blog. But sure to check out the photo gallery, too. It’s pretty awesome.

Review – Pushmo

January 8, 2012 — 1 Comment

“Simple gameplay and a great level creator help make Pushmo a stellar puzzle game for your pocket.” – Read the rest at GameSpot.